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I. When to make a report: Anyone who hears and sights a motor vehicle that emits loud noise could make report through the following channel within thirty days.

II. Channel: Please use the following reporting channel provided by the Environmental Protection Administration. The Noisy Vehicle Reporting website


III. Requirements: Sighting Reports must include all of the information below in order to be processed:

(I) Informant's name

(II) Informant's telephone number and address

(III) Vehicle type

  • A. Motorcycle
  • B. Small passenger vehicle
  • C. Large passenger vehicle
  • D. Small truck
  • E. Large truck

(IV) License plate number

(V) Date and time: The date and time when the noisy vehicle was sighted.

(VI) The road section where the vehicle was sighted Road sections should be classified as:

  • A. Kilometer point where the vehicle was sighted along national highways
  • B. County/city, township/district, street, and section

Submit your report within thirty days of sighting the noisy vehicle.

IV. Processing procedures after reporting

Information from reports received through website will be entered into the database by each environmental protection bureau. After checking records of the vehicle on the database, the environmental protection bureau responsible for the area in which the vehicle owner's registered residence located will contact the owner to take the vehicle to a designated vehicle inspection site for inspection. The vehicle owner is subject to prosecution if he or she fails to take the vehicle in for inspection by the deadline or if the vehicle fails to pass inspection. Informants can inquire about ongoing cases and the results via telephone or on our website. Please take advantage of this service and let us work together to protect our environment.

Last updated on:2024/04/19